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frequently asked questions

  • How easy are your arcades to set up?
    There's nothing to it. Just plug it in, turn on and start reliving the golden years of gaming. Our arcade systems take only about 10 seconds or less from startup to load into our custom menu where you can browse and select any included game title.
  • Do I need to download games on your arcade or are they already included?
    Depending on the model chosen, our arcades offer anywhere from 13,900 to 60,000 retro arcade, PC, console and handheld games right out of the box. No downloading required. No add-ons or game packs to buy. No microtransactions. Just plug it in, turn it on, and start gaming.
  • How can you offer so many games on your arcades? Are these just unlicensed game ROMs?
    We're able to provide thousands upon thousands of game titles via the arcades large internal hard drive. The non-profit Internet Archive, the largest internet library, has a huge collection of thousands of original classic arcade games free for download.
  • Do your included games play just like the original games do?
    Yes, the titles are emulated and use the exact same coding as the original arcades. This essentially allows the titles to play just like how you remember they did. Even the glitches and cheats on those classic arcade games still work. For example, if you used a pattern to avoid the ghost in Pac-man it works on our arcades. Know the spot to sit in Centipede where you'll never die? Sit there and rack up the high score just like the original.
  • What if I want to play games requiring special controls like a trackball, spinner, or light gun?
    Our larger traditional sized arcade cabinets come with such a wide variety of arcade titles, consoles, handhelds, and retro PC games, you'll want to play everything as accurately and easily as possible. Our arcades control panel is great, but some games might require a specialty controller to be played accurately. So, for our upright signature series arcades ... - We include two wired light guns for shooter games like Area 51. - We include a trackball for games like Centipede & Missile Command. - We include a spinner for games like Tempest & Discs of Tron. - We include a wireless keyboard for vintage PC system like the Amiga & Apple II. - We include a wireless mouse for point & click games like PopCap games. - We include wired controllers for newer systems like the N64 & PS2. Please note: Our MINICADE model does not come with any of the above controllers.
  • Can you save your game progress?
    Yes! All arcade, console, and handheld games we include do support game saving and loading.
  • Do your arcades save high scores?
    Yes, our arcades automatically save high scores on all your favorite arcade games.
  • How does Simple Arcades ensure that its game selection is suitable for all ages?
    At Simple Arcades, we strive to provide a wide variety of games for all ages to enjoy. Our game library includes titles ranging from E for Everyone to M for Mature ratings, as well as unrated and indie-developed games. We have made every effort to remove any inappropriate or adult-themed games from our selection, but with thens of thousands of titles on our systems, it is possible that some may slip through the cracks. To ensure that our customers have the best possible gaming experience, we advise them to consider their gaming or gifting needs before making a purchase. If a customer does discover an inappropriate game on their Simple Arcade, we encourage them to reach out to us for details on its removal. This not only helps the customer, but also allows us to remove these titles from our game library for future sales. It is important to note that if a customer chooses to add or modify games on their Simple Arcade, this may potentially void their warranty with us. Please refer to our warranty information for more on this. We want to ensure that our customers have the best possible experience with our products, while also upholding our commitment to responsible and family-friendly gaming.
  • What kind of hardware is inside your arcade cabinets?
    Our signature upright arcades include an internal PC featuring a blazing fast AMD 6-Core processor with 16GB DDR4 RAM, 500GB NVME SSD (for operating system and emulators), 4TB SSD hard drive (for game storage), Wi-Fi Gen 6, and Bluetooth 5.2 technology. Our arcades also feature 4 x external USB connectors (for connecting any external controllers), a dynamic LED marquee display, 62-watt 2.1 surround audio system, and a high-resolution gaming monitor with super-fast response times. If you don't know what any of this means, don't worry. It just means that your arcade is super-fast, can connect to your homes Wi-Fi for automated updates, has a ton of modern high-speed storage space (no slow hard drives here), sounds amazing, games look amazing with no lag, has a lot of connections for the external controllers we include, and looks awesome with a cool dynamic LED marquee. Our MINICADE features an internal PC featuring a super-fast Intel N5095 4-Core processor with 8GB DDR4 RAM, 256GB NVME SSD (for operating system and emulators), 500GB SSD hard drive (for game storage), Wi-Fi Gen 6, and Bluetooth 5.2 technology.
  • How big are your arcades?
    Each arcade's dimensions are listed as follows: SVL Slim 2-Player Arcade: (H) 68-in, (W) 29-in, (L) 24-in @130lbs CTL 2-Player Arcade: (H) 71.75-in, (W) 37-in, (L) 29.5-in @175lbs CTL FLEX 2-Player Portable Arcade: [Cabinet] (H) 71.75-in, (W) 33.5-in, (L) 22.5-in [Detachable Console] (H) 8.125-in, (W) 37-in, (L) 15.5-in PSL 4-Player Arcade: (H) 71.75-in, (W) 29.5-in, (L) 47-in @230lbs PSL FLEX 4-Player Portable Arcade: [Cabinet] (H) 71.75-in, (W) 43.5-in, (L) 22.75-in [Detachable Console] (H) 8.125-in, (W) 47-in, (L) 15.5-in
  • What happens if my games stop working?
    In the unlikely event you have a problem with your arcade game system or games, please email us for support.


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