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Sammy Atomiswave

Sammy Atomiswave

Retro Arcade

The Atomiswave is a custom arcade system board and cabinet from Sammy Corporation. It is based on Sega's Dreamcast console, sharing similarities with the NAOMI, as far as it uses interchangeable game cartridges, as well as a removable module for changing the control scheme (including dual joysticks, dual light guns and a steering wheel), but unlike the NAOMI, the Atomiswave does not feature expanded RAM compared to the Dreamcast.




  • Demolish Fist

  • Dirty Pigskin Football

  • Dolphin Blue

  • Faster Than Speed

  • Fist of the North Star

  • Guilty Gear Isuka

  • Guilty Gear X Ver. 1.5

  • Knights of Valour: The Seven Spirits

  • Maximum Speed

  • Metal Slug 6

  • NeoGeo Battle Coliseum

  • Samurai Shodown VI

  • The King of Fighters NeoWave

  • The King of Fighters NeoWave

  • The King of Fighters XI

  • The Rumble Fish

  • The Rumble Fish 2

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