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Amstrad GX4000

Amstrad GX4000

Retro Home Console

The Amstrad GX4000 was an 8-bit games console which was released by British computer company Amstrad in 1990. The console was released in the UK for £99 however its price started dropping within a few months due to such poor sales. Amstrad had already stopped producing the machine by this point, surely lamenting the money lost in their only games console venture. Due to this, many people claim that the Amstrad GX4000 is the least successful video games console ever made.




  • Barbarian II: The Dungeon of Drax

  • Batman

  • Burnin' Rubber

  • Crazy Cars II

  • Dick Tracy

  • Fire & Forget II

  • Klax

  • Mystical

  • Navy Seals

  • No Exit

  • Operation Thunderbolt

  • Pang

  • Panza Kick Boxing

  • Plotting

  • Pro Tennis Tour

  • Robocop 2

  • Skeet Shoot

  • Super Pinball Magic

  • Switchblade

  • Tennis Cup 2

  • The Enforcer

  • Tintin on the Moon

  • Wild Streets

  • World of Sports

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