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Simple Arcades PSL 4-Player Standup Arcade

Simple Arcades PSL 4-Player Standup Arcade

Introducing the PSL, the ultimate party machine for any retro game enthusiast! With its four-player stations, you can invite all your friends over for an unforgettable night of gaming.


Size matters, and we made sure to deliver with our largest format arcade cabinet yet! Measuring an impressive 45 inches wide, the PSL offers ample space for you and your friends to move and groove as you play your favorite games.


But it's not just the size that makes the PSL stand out. We've equipped it with a stunning 43-inch 4K monitor and an adjustable 2.1 surround sound system that delivers an immersive gaming experience like no other.


And the PSL comes with all the bells and whistles you could want in a home arcade, such as dual Sinden light guns, a 3-inch trackball, a push/pull spinner, 4 external USB handheld controllers, two rear-mounted USB ports, and a dynamic LED matrix marquee that displays all your favorite game title art.


Get ready to throw the ultimate game night with the PSL arcade cabinet!


* Please note that the images displayed on this website are digital representations and the final design of your physical arcade upon order delivery may differ slightly

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