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Simple Arcades CTL-FLEX Portable 2-Player Standup Arcade

Simple Arcades CTL-FLEX Portable 2-Player Standup Arcade

If you're looking for the ultimate in gaming versatility, look no further than the CTL:FLEX! This customizable arcade cabinet is based on our popular 2-player CTL model, but with a one-of-a-kind removable control panel that lets you take your retro gaming experience wherever you go.


With everything you need to operate your arcade built right into the detachable control panel, the CTL:FLEX is the ultimate portable gaming machine. Simply disconnect the panel from the cabinet base and connect it to any HDMI device – whether it's your living room TV or an outdoor projector – and you're ready to play!


But the CTL:FLEX is more than just a portable gaming device. It also comes packed with all the features you love from our standard CTL cabinet, including dual Sinden light guns, a 3-inch trackball, a push/pull spinner, dual external USB handheld controllers, two rear-mounted USB ports, and a dynamic LED matrix marquee that displays all your favorite game title art.


And with its customizable design, you can make your CTL:FLEX truly your own. Choose from a range of eye-catching color schemes to match your home décor or personal style.


Whether you're looking to take your gaming on the go or just want a versatile arcade cabinet that can adapt to your changing needs, the CTL:FLEX is the perfect choice. Order yours today and experience the ultimate in retro gaming flexibility!


* Please note that the images displayed on this website are digital representations and the final design of your physical arcade upon order deliever may differ slightly

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